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Dreams and Realty it's personal story, it started as a group story, just having fun. Now I decided to make a real manga from it
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:bulletpink: 12/09/16: So that is it everyone... The moon chronicles manga ended, I left the end a bit vague...well there is not more for now, if there is well....i dunno when i will work on it again...I have to many projects at hand that I dunno where to start, for now I need to finish,,,for now that issue that I was meant to work on this weekend...but got back tracked a bit with the voice over of aundertale comic dub im working on

09/09/16 finally, moon chronicles, is reaching to an end...took me almost 4 years, this is...if it wasn't more, to be honest...most of the things I had in my head to draw, didn't show up...I guess I cut some stuff so i could finish  sooner...
Anyways this is almost done! I'm so proud of myself QwQ I'm also releasing my 1st ever book so here you can see it:… sadly for now, portuguese only, i will see if i can make it in english and french next week (:
Oh yeah! Whos up for a contest?

:bulletpink: 09/08/16: Feel like updating this today.
As you know, or not, Ive been very busy with Selling my own book and working in many other side works...they have been troublesome but i've been able to manage them....despise the situation im in, oh well...
I might do a contest once I'm done with this btw!
I wonder if I should give anyway "cash as a prize? or people would just join because they want the money...
I always question myself that....
Anyway, you guys should expect something more during the week, hopefully, take care~

06/07/16: I have a good reason for not updating much! The thing is...I'm doing tones of work, trying^to elf publish my own book, finish this comic and I was invited to participate in a comic youtube videos and other stuff that I want to do for my DA portfolio over all I've been rather busy with my life, I will try however finish a page between today and tomorrow since the book its on the final stages for publishing, All I need now is to register it (:

:bulletpink: 04/02/16 : frist post of the year! YAY! So yeah, after a loooooooong time and the fact that I was sick, i finaly finished the chapter 8 of my comic, to be honest this was a test of my digital skills I might go back to tradicional, at least the hands wont look so wierd...will this be the end of the 4 year long comic? Will I start other projects?? I hope so, and yes my PANTREON S motivated me, so if you would like to support me for 1$ peer page, it will be great, or chapter ^^;

31/12/15 Hey guys, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Yeah I said that id finish this year...but i spent a week on the that delayed things quite a lot, my goal is to finish by the end of January, so i can start other projects, just wanted to give you guys a small update on things, but the next page is being sketched, and some pages for amilova need to be done.

:bulletpink: 28/10/15: wow... 2 pages done in a week, will i be able to finish the chapter this weekend at the very least, 20 pages just to make things even...I wanted to make till chapter 10, but im not sure anymore, maybe till chapter 9 i have no clue in how to finish, maybe 10 would be a bonus chapter if life treats me right...okay people, i will leave you with the 18th page of moon chronicles, i hope you enjoy

26/10/15 I know i know, I havent been posting a whole lot, Im afraid i didnt gave you the news of me moving to my old room, looks cool i guess, I dont know anymore, my parents are having new ideas, but when i add a bit more of my "touch" I seem to get more space, plus choosing what i want and what i dont want, specially cloths, so many that i dont use thats its best for people who need most right? so yeah, i will try however do one more page this week, hopefully end this chapter once and for all.

:bulletpink: 12/10/15: wow...I really should update this group more...Ive been quite busy with so many updates and so many ideas i have, ive been posting a lot of pages, i really want to finish the comic this year, i believe i can do so if i dedicate myself and a lot!
I also found sorta of a job, sadly is not big money, but this is why Im thinking about other projects that might be worth a bit more, also, what do you guys think about a contest? I cant give much, but I surelly give you some highquality work (:

5/06/14. just a quick update, the final pages of the 6th chapter are inked, tomorrow i'll scan them ^^

:bulletpink:20/05/14: Hey everyone, i have been so so so busy with live that's hard to actually do anything xD I have sketched at least 4 pages of my moon chronicles manga, so pretty pretty soon i'll post that (:
I've also got into a :new: project, i'll be making stickers and i'll be selling them online! ^^ So stay tune for that

5/05/14: Hello everyone, how is it going? Well i've been trying my best to keep the manga going, but recently my dad got work and he needs help to make all the toys, yes my dad makes recycle toys, and this was not an ordenary commission it was a commission of 250 cars to be delivered in the 5th of May, so i have to let go my projects, EVEN commissions, that i was already payed because my dad needs help, and sees what i do as "playing"  oh well, i'll be taking a while for the next pages,plz bear with me

:bulletpink:06/4/14: .........SO it's been a long time...and I'm so sorry for the lack of updates, I'm still alive I just have been though thought stuff you know? So I had to take a break on my mangas, but GOOD NEWS! I've been working on them again (: I'll be woeking on them on my future streams, I normally draw on Sundays if you want to check them out, also, my youtube channel has been pretty active so make sure you subscribe maybe?… take care ppl,and i hope to see you there, till then take care 0/

8/7/2013: Oh dear god, when was the last time I have updated this....? Man I think I've been a lot busy in my other groups, because I'm the only one doing something, oh well, But for some reason I'm gathering members some how, the only activity in this groups are the manga pages...Still I think I'm working to hard maybe, I might need some help in other groups xD I don't even know why I bother so much ^^;
Oh well, I might do a contest, what do you guys think? Yay or Nay?

:bulletpink: AAAAAAAAAAAAARGGGH I  can't believe it! with the rush yesterday I tough the wrong manga page! sry guys the only manga that I update this week is Project-Blademasters if you want to see the next moon chronicle page is this one… the final one from the 4th chapter, next week i'll post 2 pages, since one is simply the cover...

17/6/12: Hello people, sorry for not updating lately I have been kinda busy with my contest and making the manga so, sorry about that lack of updates. Today I got a note saying that ppl that are interested in becoming mangakas to join :iconmangoslice-community: I personaly do not aim to become a mangaka, i'm doing #moon chroenicles" to practice my drawing skills, what i really want, if i can, is to become an illustrator or animator, so if you guys want to join the group go for it I think the guy needs members. Thank you for reading~ oh and by the way in here the 4th chapter is near the end, at is in the 5th chapter middle i guess

:bulletpink: 27/5/12 This is why I need my extarnal disk....I again forgot to uoload the page like i prommised...but no biggy! you can see it here… :3 I dunno if you can see it without beeing a member, but oh well ^^

20/5/12- awwwwwwwwwwww someone left the group....oh well, maybe i should be more active...going to post a page today, and i'll post a new one on Thursday, i think one page pear wekk is not enough ....okay, the chapters  WILL GET interesting, so please be pacient i'm just one doing everything and helping other groups

:bulletpink: 14/5/12- Woah! :phew: done with the 4th Chapter with all the editions and such ^^  In the next chapter you will discover something that you might not be expecting from Mitsuki.
I dunno what tocall the chapter, either "Friendships" or "Mitsuki's secret" hurm....let me know if you are reading this or if you would like to help ^^

6/5/12- Hello ppls, just wanna tell you that the 4 chapter is 5 pages to end, i mean to be completed, just sketched them, and will be working on them during the week, so all they need is to be posted ^^
I think there 's going to be 5 more chapters or less, it will depend really, in how i put everything together, I have everything in my head and in not in paper ^^; I know i'm doing things wrong, but it works for me.
other thing is that I'm working on a manga for Project-Blademasters and i believe I'll work on other one for ZIK-Studios it's my way to practice ^^

:bulletpink: 4/5/12 Hello dear members! I have been so busy lately, I never thought that i could be such a good co-founder/contributor, because clubs are inviting me :iconchuuplz: I'm so grateful for that!
In other news, my manga at has reached 27 subies :D it's not a HUGE deal but i'm very happy!
I'll be working on other manga, and trying to use the most of Manga Studio it's a Project-Blademasters modern age story :3 I hope you guys see it, if you have the time ^^

16/4/12 A million sorrys! Because I forgot to put the file of the page on DA temporary filn other news I'm thinking in starting a contest sooes X.X therefore no manga page today ;_; but for anyupdates go to and look for Moon chronicles, that's the only way for you to see it now :/
In other news, I'm thinking in making a contest soon! The best part of it is that is free to enter, meaning, you don't need to watch my account to enter, maybe later I'll be posting on my journal the details :3

:bulletpink:17/3/12 Hey guys! Do you think 5 manga pages made today is enough for a while? xD Anyway I finally made a schedule and I really want to follow, but I'm afraid due the condition's I'm in at home (with family changing plans in the last min) I just hope I can do things that I want (that is why I kinda hurry the pages) ANYWAY! on monday there will be a new page, I hope you guys like it :3

15/3/12 Howdy people! :3 I have the wonderful news that the 4th chapter almost all done! :D I keep on asking what do you think of the comic so far? I still have no answer...
anyway, guess what? I'm a contributor to :iconrising-mangaka: so...yeah one more group to help out there, this was a funny invatation, I went to a regular member (which I was invited too)
....I'm going to keep on the manga, but is it worth to keep on updates? I have no comments, I feel like it's pointless....

:bulletpink:12/3/12 ....Hey guys! how have you been? I'm sorry if I haven't update, but now I'm a contributor at, :iconpretty-anime-girls: and at :iconmanga-power: so yeah...I've been kinda busy helping out them :3
BUT I'm here to tell you that I'm at my bf's place because my laptop hasbeen having some over heats and he needs to be clean, as well the fact that he translated some pages at a new page will be posted tomorrow, but if you want to read it now....go here… you like the story so far? hope so, my 1st time trying for real xD but I'll probably start zel's projects that got stopped, even if it would be my version...but I think he will agree ^^;

:bulletpink: 27/2/12 part 2- Okay guys I was not able to continue with update because it was like...3AM when I madeup with this decision on transferring ALL the manga pages to the group...but yeah not only I have to change the links, but I also have to re-upload ALL of the comic pages, apart of that is good to know that new ppl are joinning, even if it's just to read the manga, since they will be not be posted on my main account...
Anyways, the contest at ended, and I end with the 61th place, when in total there were 150+ comics, I think it's good....right?
Anyways, I need to keep going with the manga transfering and the correction of the links, oh and a new manga page will b posted as well ^^....cyas

27/2/12 Okay I have made a decision! ALL of the comic pages will be submitted ONLY in the group, all of the originals ones, of course will be in my storage, but I think the only page, the one that was 1st submited on my galery will still be there, just to be a "prof" when I started (: I hope you guys be more active now ^.^

:bulletpink: 17/2/12 Hey guys! How is it going? Sorry for not updating for a while, but I've kinda been busy :/ working on the manga and several other things, besids I've been at my bf's place, therefore I don't have access to the computer all the time because his
anyway, I still have more pages coming and I also will start uploading just one page pear week, and I think it will be on thursday (: not only gives me time for a commission that I've got, or for art trades as well, but I guess is less tiring for your inbox ^^
ANYWAY...I need to submit some stuff on my main account cyas~

29/1/12 Hello everyone! How are things doing? ^.^
Today's update is to announce that the 3rd chapter is in the END! New secrets will be reviled! All the questions you have untill now will be reviled from now on!
The chapter name will be called "Mitsuki's heart" I hope you all are enjoying the manga so far.

But sad news, my manga is nearly on last place on the competition I'm on...…
oh well I knew that was coming anyway

:bulletpink: 15/1/11  HEllo everyone, how is it going? :D Hopefully good as ever, I haven't been update the group journal because I've been busy to make my bf's V-day present! That I'm going to enter on one club contest that is the "LOVE" theme! So yeah 2 in one I guess,I'll be posting the deviation on february's too soon to post the present anyway...I'm also gonna make a copy of it! It's too pretty to not have one ^^ Since his going to get it framed :3
Anyway! I have decided that my story will have a BAD ending :s  I dunno but I feel like this is how this part should end...Mah! I hope you still like it
Bu the way the 3rd chapter is almost in the end! Just finished the last 5 pages of it! Later on it will be posted a new page! I hope you guys watch it ^^

7/1/12 4 more pages are sketched out! Dunno if either I'll post the 4 on Wednesday or if I only post 2 for the week, on Wednesday...I'll think about that, unless you are impatient for reading the rest...

:bulletpink: 5/1/12 There! 4 pages posted today, now I'll work on the contest entry! xD

4/1/12 HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Did you entered the new year with the right foot? :D
I have some good news! Moon chronicals is at the 6th place, and apparently some ppl are getting impatient to know about everything about the story already! But in my opinion things gotta go slow, and the puzzle pieces will come together eventually so yeah, I think I'll post 3 pages of the comic later :D

:bulletpink: 29/12/11 Hey peoples! I'm sorry for not posting my comic yesterday, but I had a fever that I couldn't even walk. And my boyfiend had to make my medication for me, which I was afraid that he might do something wrong because he is kinda afraid of needles...I told him once that if I was unable to do my self he had to do it for me...and yesterday was the day ^^

Okay moving on, moving on THE MANGA PAGES ARE NOW IN SPANISH!!! I'm so HAPPY!!! YAAAAAAY (never mind that in japanese I was teaching my bf how to translate pages in there haha)…

and now I have 8ppl following my comic! I'm so happy that ppl are actually enjoying it^^
Okay guys if I don't talk b4 the new year I wish that all of enter with the right foot to 2012

27/12/11 Hello everyone! How was christmas? I hope you had a wonderful time! Chapter 3 of the manga "Moon Chronicles" is going to be a bit longer! As well I got a subscription and I found out the active members I have...sadly they are not muc, feels like that it's time to leave DA ;_; I don't know anymore...

Just to let you know...MOON CHRONICLES IS AT 75TH PLACE ON THE COMIC COMPETITION!!!!… it here ^^

:bulletpink: 19/12/11 So ppl! How has it been? Christmas is right around the corner, did you already sent your letter to santa? xD I did LOL! I asked for an angel...and he is still with me :heart:
Moving on...I've been quite busy lately with x-mas presents and the self challenge I made, so yeah busy busy busy, but I do have the pages in advance, so what I just need to do is upload them! So yeah let's see if I can make anything after the christmas weekend...

See my drawing in my other account…

5/12/11 An apology in advance...I dunno if I will be able to post the manga page. I had a HUGE always with my parents, and I dunno if I will be able to scan the page...if that is not possible, only on friday or if wednesday 2 will be posted, if only friday 3 pages

:bulletpink: 4/12/11 Hello people! How is everyone? Went to a fair today and bought a cat key chain from the same ppl that I've bought other cat last year lulz. Anyways this Monday A new page will be posted! I wanna have this schedule, post a manga page every Monday and Wednesday, how does that sound? Since Friday is the day I make my Vlog I think the other days will be to post some drawing vids and making felt creations...for the ones that don't watch me in my account here
Like always thanks for reading! And take care!

30/11/11 Okay! So I have over then 10 pages sketched of the 3rd chapter, I wonder if I'll be able to post something later (1 am here) I think I should be more regular with the manga pages, like 2 every wendsday? or Mondays and wendsday, I dunno what do you guys think? As well at they have this a optional feature that I should have a group on facebook...should I make one? In other news in the same the website, my manga is now available in French! "Je suis trés heurese avec ca :D" i think I wrote happy wrong but it's like that, only the 1st chapter though, still good to hear in other languages!

Like always, thanks for reading!

:bulletpink: 26/11/11 Well well, it was by a close one last time with the manga pages for the contest at so yeah...and a new page was added :3 my manga studio skills are not amazing as expected, but it's also work with the mouse to make certain things like the sading in certain parts only, can't make the line art there either with the damaged tablet that I have =_= Anyway I hope you like it anyway ^^

21/11/11 OH 2 pagesin a row! wanna know why? because of the contest at the manga is in 85th wiiiiiiiiii my 1st competition with MILLION of ppl and this place with 57 votes it's quite a lot for me >w< So yeah, I will post more pages during this upcoming week (at least I will have pages in advance) so yeah guys that is the reason why pages were posted today...(have so much to do besides this comic T_T)
Again guys, thanks for reading~

:bulletpink: 17/11/11 Oh hai ppl! how is it going? I'm so happy for making the few things I wanted to be done before the weekend, the only things missing are the christmas presents for family and friends and a contest entry for a group! So yeah hopefully the line art for the contest will be finished tonight, and tomorrow, after my vlog I'll be working on the christmas presents, which are a LOT, I have a big family, but now i don't have 2 family's but 3! yeah Also giving something for the part of my bf's, afterall, 5 years and almost a half...i'm part of the family ^^
Okay ppl, take care and thanks for reading! :D

13/11/11 So hey  everyone!How is it going? The 2º chapter is nearly finished! Just doing the details on them like the shading, but starting from the 3rd one i promise quality on them :D meaning, starting to use Manga studio, even though the pages will not be "perfect" but surly be better!
Tomorrow Probably, most sure I will be posting 1 page of my manga! and probably later on the week another yeah
Also I'll make my contest entries for some youtube cafters, not entering for winning, but just to let know of my work!

Once again like always, thanks for reading!~

:bulletpink: 9/11/11 Hey guys! have you noticed we have new members and as well affiliations :D Hurray! How are you liking the "Moon Chronicles" so far? It's making you keep on reading? Anyway, starting from the 3rd chapter hopefully will be in better quality, I'll be using manga studio so it looks more pretty ^^
Anyway, I know we are still in the beginning of the story but I'm thinking on 2 alternative endings a Good end and a Bad end, kinda like the Japanese novels :D
A bit out of topic, for the ones that follow my YouTube account and they were expecting a vlog like..2 days ago I apologize, but hopefully on Friday will be made as well for my contest entries

8/11/11 Yahóo everyone! How is it going? this week I promise 2 pages will be posted after that only one because I'm learning how to use manga studio which I highly recommend, but for beginners like me, you need to have the Guide next to you xD good thing I have dual screen, but believe me it's a big help indeed, or maybe starting from the 3rd chapter I'll have a new system to work with, I need to get used to this new program...that's what happen when you use Photoshop for too long xD

Anyway if you know some tutorials on the recent version of manga studio I would appreciated if you post them on the comment section

:bulletpink: 6/11/11 Hey everyone! how is it going? good hopefully! So 1st of all I apologize for not posting at least one more manga page last week >.<
Not only I've been a bit lazy to go to my mom's pub to scan but I've also been busy (yeah I don't have my own scanner)...ANYWAY! the pages (or at least one) is inked and ready to be edited, I'm going to stop using photoshop and use a program called "manga studio" I think it's better for what I'm doing, after seeing a vid i thought to myself "I'm doing it wrong...." So yeah... Tomorrow I'm not sure if I'll make a vlog because I'm at my bf's place, and I'll be going home, so yeah If I'll make something is at night and will be posted the next day...
Again thanks a lot for reading! :D

3/11/11 SO, how is it going ppl? Good I hope, I'm just here to let you guys know that probably, today there will be no manga page, although I really need to make a scheduler. Today I'm gonna meet my aunt for sewing lessons , simply because I wanna make cute plushies xDD
but the contest entry is coming, I'm working with many things at the same timehehe... again thanks for reading!!

:bulletpink: 2/11/11 Hello everyone :D Thank you for the new members, for joining! I'm thinking in making a contest when I reach 10 members, so if you wish i don't make you, show your friends here in DA my manga, and if they like it ask them to join, again I don't force ppl to join.
Apart of that, as some of you that read the yesterday's blog, I didn't much time to advance the next manga page because of my bro's b-day so it was not much of a progress, but hopefully I'll poster after tomorrow because I'm entering a contest. The deviation will be seen here because it has a moogle ^^
So ppl once again thanks for reading ^^

1/11/11 Okay ppl Happy late Halloween! I've finally finished the 3rd page. I dunno if I'll post something tomorrow because it's my bro's 19 th B-day and he is going to have a party along with the hole family and yeah it's something you can't say no right_? Made something for him as yeah guys as always thanks for reading~

:bulletpink: 29/10/11 News that are not related to the group! But finally my key chains are done! the only thing that is needed i sthe ball chain witch hopefully I'll buy them tomorrow when I'll go to a painting exhibition, with the paintings that were in Louvre, they are now here in Lisbon, the store is on the way.
Okay related to the manga, maybe later night I'll be posting the colored version of the 2nd chapter cover and the 3rd page :3 let's hope for that!

28/10/11 As promised! the 12th page is finally up! read it here:… this also can be found on the group comic section! ALSO the key chanis I was talking about are nearly finished, just need to get the ball chain thingy the rest is done! Probably going to post something (If i get to buy them)

:bulletpink: 27/10/11- YAY the 2nd chapter cover and the 1st page of it were finally released! The cover is being finished right now and hopefully today or tomorrow will be replaced! Please enjoy the 2n chapter "Tenshi"

25/10/11 Hello everyone! Finally the 2nd chapter cover and the 11th and 12th pages sketched out! just need to ink it. They start a bit with they're friends, and you might get a bit surprised with the reaction they give to her story

:bulletpink:18/10/11 Hello to every one that reads this. I was spouse to write this journal like 3 days ago but I was working on other things, like the cover for the 1st chapter and some contests entries, you can take a sneak peek on my vlog…
but important news! My manga is competing in a world tournament...sorta  ..anyway if you could vote I would appreciated a LOT although you have to register there :/… the 1st to 3rd place will be published and I really want my work to be known, so thank you if you voted!
thanks for reading

10/10/11 Hey to everyone that reads this! Sorry I was not able to make a vlog today, but hopefully I'll make one tomorrow, I had some personal issues to take care  so yeah...maybe I get a cameraman since I'm at my bf's place also hide some comments from 2008 that were in this blog   :3 thanks for reading and take care ppl

:bulletpink:9/10/11: Working on the cover for the 2nd chapter of my manga! :D you can see it in the comic galery soo! If you havent read it go check it out! :D I will maybe show the pre-view of it on my vlog tomorrow (maybe) I have some personal busyness to take care of...Also made the members Blog the "News" blog, sinde with the new Group sistem you can see the members on it :D

8/10/11: This has been unactive but, I'm making a copic Called "Moon chronicles which is b4 all the story's that I wrote before, so yeah I belive I'm going to this because I'm gonna make a comic page every week, not the next one though because I made 10 now so yeah...I hope you guys enjoy :3
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